2021 New Arrival Fashion Wireless 2.4GHz Mice with USB Receiver Gamer 1600DPI Mouse for Computer PC Laptop




1. Realize wireless free movement within a distance of 10 meters;
2. The resolution frequency conversion button can realize the three-speed adjustment of resolution frequency (1000dpi-1200dpi-1600dpi);
3. It can scroll up and down line by line;
4. Automatic sleep power saving function, smart sleep saves power, and is more durable;
5. Shortcut keys can be used to browse the Internet or applications, and easily realize the “forward” and “backward” functions on the toolbar;
6. High-performance wear-resistant foot pads, easy to achieve obstacle-free sliding.
7. The wireless mouse has no wires. With a large screen, it can be operated from a long distance. It is convenient to carry and to carry on business trips. Using two AAA batteries, the mouse has an automatic sleep function. It can save power for a long time.

Reasons for recommendation:
1. The appearance is beautiful, stylish and generous, and the design is exclusive and luxurious;
2. Swing the buttons left and right, touch the middle pulley, and feel good;
3. Simple and convenient to use, code-free design, plug and play, remove the battery to automatically unpair; 4. Energy-saving, non-light, low-light design, intelligent power supply design, and multiple low-power mode designs to save battery power;

Performance description:
1. High-performance mouse design
*The mouse refresh rate is 125MHz, which can be used smoothly without delay;
*The mouse data has a high smoothing rate, uniform data volume, and accurate positioning;
*Mouse moves smoothly, smoothly and without glitches;
*The mouse has a strong ability to cross the surface, and can adapt to a variety of desktops such as smooth black surface, smooth white surface, smooth red surface, etc.;
*Using low-light positioning technology, the mouse positioning is more accurate and the use is smoother.
2. High-performance RF chip
*Using 2.4G wireless RF transmission technology, transmission power 0dB, receiving sensitivity -98dB;
*With 16 FM channels, each channel is separated by 1MHz;
* The open straight line transmission distance is greater than 15 meters;
*High-performance smart wireless technology, using frequency hopping transmission, strong anti-interference ability: it can intelligently avoid interference from 2.4G wireless routers, 2.4G wireless headsets, and Bluetooth devices.
* Frequency hopping transmission technology, the same office can support 32 sets of devices, and they can be used at the same time without affecting each other;
*Code-free design, the mouse is powered on, and the ID code is automatically paired, which is convenient for users to use, and the battery can be released and the pairing can be automatically unpaired.
3. Ultra-smart power-saving design
*Mouse power consumption adopts intelligent design and multiple low power consumption modes to save battery power;
*Mouse power consumption is less than 11 mA when moving at full speed (the mouse is used on white paper, and the working voltage is 3V);
*The mouse can detect whether the computer is turned off. When the computer is turned off, it can automatically enter low power consumption. At this time, the current is less than 50 mA.

Additional information

Brand Name





2.4Ghz Wireless



Number of Rollers

1 pcs



Number of Buttons


Operation Mode


Hand Orientation

Both Hands

Interface Type



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